Upgrade Your Home's Cleaning Game

Any Space can have one

Your home, garage, or work space may not be plumbed for a central vacuum. But don't let that stop you. We often put them in garages to clean cars, shops, RVs, trailers, and more. 

We can also access your home through your garage walls to put valves into your home.

We only use the best

While we can access a lot of vacuums and are a certified dealer in Beam, Honeywell, and more. We choose Duo Vac. Until recently Duo Vac wasn't available in the United States. Now it is. Currently we are the only certified dealer in Salt Lake City.

Duo Vac is made with brushed aluminum shells and are rated much higher than any comprable unit. Essentially, we are giving more bang for the buck with these units.

Quick Installation

Most central vacuum installations can take less than half a day. Those that aren't, are usually retrofits for an entire home.

Many Accessories

Central vacuums have come a long way since the 70s and 80s.

Hoses that hide in the wall, Hardwood Floor Mop,, and pet accessories are just a few to name

Benefits of Central Vacuums

Cleaner Air

01Even though a lot of vacuums have HEPA filters these days, the dust is still sitting in the home inside your vacuum. Central Vacuums expell all the dust to your garage or where ever your unit is installed.

02 A lot of our vacuums have self cleaning filters, but the DuoVac does it best.  Peiriodically, all the DuoVac models will clean themselvs. and it keeps track of it's own maintenance cycle alerting you when it's time for service.

03 Pure suction. The amount of air watts central vacuums provide compared to small handhelds vacuums is not comparable. Tech specifications are found below.

04Less work. Due to the size of the vacuum, generally it is emptied once every 6 months. The filter cleans itself and lasts much longer. 10 - 25 year warranty

General Benefits

01Less noise. With the unit outside or hidden away. Talking on the phone, watching tv, or not waking the sleeping baby is much is easier.

02Smart Investment. Central vacuums add value to a home.  But, they take much less maintenance and last longer than a portable vacuum.

03 Powerful deep cleaning. The only thing that makes your floors wear is dust. Your carpet and hardwood floors will last much longer with the 2 - 3x more suction that is provided with a central vacuum.

Health Benefits

01Cleaner air will help your allergies and lungs. 

02 Lower decibels will protect your ears and hearing. 

03 No heavy canister to pull up the stairs or bulky unit to push around. Protect your lower back


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